kulturkind was founded in 2008 with the aim of developing cultural education programmes for children and young people along with partners from the worlds of art, culture, education and research. The organisation is a non-profit initiative and based in Berlin.

The focus of kulturkind’s cultural education work is on promoting cultural dialogue, promoting reading skills and motivation, and imparting artistic forms of expression. The range of project content enables the participants to come into contact with many different areas of art and culture.

Cultural diversity in children’s books is one key theme of kulturkind´s cultural education work to do justice to the broad spectrum of cultural identities within society. Together with its partners the association is committed to equal and barrier-free access to cultural education.

Initiatives of kulturkind

Since 2009, kulturkind has organised the annual children’s literature project “Berlin Book Islands”, working with numerous literary institutions and experts from the world of the immaterial and the material book production scene.
For further details please see www.berliner-buecherinseln.de

Since 2011, kulturkind organizes the “Children’s Art Academy”, an annual cultural vacation program for schools in Berlin.
For further details please see www.kulturkind-berlin.de/kinderkunstakademie

In June 2014 the first time a program was organized which focused on the central and eastern European children’s literature: The festival “viva literatura! Children´s literature from Central and Eastern Europa” presented outstanding children’s book illustrators from Estonia, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary in a wide range of events.
For November 2016 the 2
nd festival “viva literature!” takes place. Guest countries: Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

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