Into the Wind!
Children´s book illustrations from the Nordic Countries

Connected to the festival, kulturkind was organizing an exhibition of children´s book illustrations together with the Nordic House Iceland: Sixteen illustrators from eight countries have shown their work with the theme “Into the Wind!”.

For the first time, outstanding children´s book artists and illustrators from Åland, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and from the people of the Sámi have been shown in a joint exhibition. Their work shows imagery between great tradition, outstanding technical realization and striking high artistic expression.

The exhibition with almost 60 original illustrations and handsigned prints was premiering in the Humboldt Library Berlin in May/June 2016. Afterwards the exhibition toured through the German-speaking regions, the Nordic countries and Russia until 2018.


Tour “Into the Wind!” 
May – June 2016: Germany, Humboldt library Berlin (premiere)
October 2016: Iceland, Nordic House Reykjavik
November 2016: Lithuania, Natinal libary in Vilnius
December 2016 – January 2017: Latvia, Natinal library in Riga
February – April 2017: Norway: Nordic childen´s book conference and Solvberget kulturhus in Stavanger
April 2017: Russia, National Russian library of children´s literature, Moscow
May 2017, Russia, Alexander Puschkin library in St. Petersburg
July – August 2017: Germany, Danish Central library in Flensburg
August – September 2017: Russia, Waliki Nowgorod
November 2017: Sberia, bookfair KRYAKK in Krasnoyarsk
November 2017 – January 2018: The  Faroe Islands, The Nordic House, Torshavn
February 2018: Denmark, Biblioteket Kopenhagen
March 2018 – Juni 2018: Germany, International youth library, Munich

Gallery – a preview of some illustrations of the exhibition

Participating illustrators

ÅLAND: Hannamari Ruohonen
DENMARK: Lilian Brøgger, Dorte Karrebæk

THE FAROE ISLANDS: Bárður Oskarsson
FINLAND: Linda Bondestam, Jenny Lucander
GREENLAND: Nuka Konrad Godtfredsen
ICELAND: Rán Flygenring, Kristín Ragna Gunnarsdóttir
NORWAY: Per Dybvig, Stian Hole, Øyvind Torseter
SWEDEN: Jakob Wegelius, Sara Lundberg, Sven Nordqvist
SÀMI: Sissel Horndal (Norway), Máret Ánne Sara (Norway)



Exhibition catalogue Into the Wind!
Publishers: kulturkind Berlin / Nordic House Reykjavik
Cover-Illustration: Nuka Kondrad Godtfredsen
Graphis design: Hendrik Hellige
Bilingual Englisch/German
152 pages
EUR 14,95 / 15,40 (A)
ISBN 978-3-86566-712-0
Distribution: Michael Neugebauer Edition GmbH



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