“See the world through the eyes of others”

From 25th May until 3rd June 2016, kulturkind is holding the first “Into the Wind! Nordic Children’s and Young People´s Literature Days” in Berlin. Over ten days, outstanding writers and illustrators from Åland, Denmark, The Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the indigenious Sámi will be our guests, presenting themselves and their work to the public. A varied events program opens up a new perspective on the Nordic countries’ cultural diversity, visible in literature and illustration.


“I can’t say that I write to convey some specific message or knowledge. But I do believe in literature’s ability to elicit empathy. Writing and reading both allow and compel us to see the world through the eyes of others. And this is an imperative ability, not the least in this day and age when so many people come to us in desperate need of shelter from war and persecution”.
Jakob Wegelius, Swedish author and illustrator
Laureate of the Nordic Council Children and Young People´s Literature Prize 2015


The artists talk about themselves and their work in panel discussions, give insights into their literary production at readings, and show how they make their art in workshops.To accompany the festival, kulturkind is organizing an exhibition in conjunction with The Nordic House Iceland, all about Nordic children’s book illustration. Sixteen illustrators from seven countries will show their work on the subject of “Into the Wind!”

The title “Into the Wind!” describes the richly contrasting nature of the Nordic countries, influencing the local people – but also the literature of this region of northern Europe with its so multifaceted and expressive culture. At the same time, “Into the Wind!” stands for the richness of the region’s children’s and young adult literature and conjures up a free and confident childhood.