Rán Flygenring, Iceland

Rán Flygenring, born 1987 in Reykjavik, Iceland, stays as a freelance illustrator rarely in one place for long. She studied in Reykjavik, Basel and Berlin and graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Rán Flygenring has illustrated the work of German writer Finn-Ole Heinrich, including Frerk, du Zwerg! and the Maulina series (both Hanser publishing house, Munich) and won many prizes, among them the 2013 The German Children’s Literature Award, the Serafina in 2014 and the Luchs of the year for 2015. She has also won awards for her illustration work in a book about beer and a zombie comic. Rán Flygenring has been a judge for the Design Awards for Icelandic graphic designers and taken part in various artist-in-residency programmes.

© Foto: Sebastian Ziegler

Rán Flygenring is participant of the exhibition “Into the Wind!”

Workshops with Rán Flygenring at 26.5./9.00 at Bookshop Buchsegler, 27.5./9.00 at Felleshus and 29.5. at “Family day at Felleshus”.



Cover: Die erstaunlichen Abenteuer der Maulina Schmitt. Mein kaputtes Königreich, Hanser 2013

Ran Flygenring: www.ranflygenring.com