Bárdur Oskarsson, Faroe Islands

Bárdur Oskarsson, born in 1972, is a Faroese author and illustrator. He started out as an illustrator for the Faroese Children’s Magazine, and the first book he illustrated was one of his grandfather’s in 1992: Undir tussafjøllum (eng. Under the Trollmountains). Since then he has illustrated books by several Faroese authors. In 2004 he published his first book, both written and illustrated by himself: Ein hundur, ein ketta og ein mús (eng. A Dog, a Cat and a Mouse). The book enjoyed great success and was designated as a White Raven in 2006 by the International Youth Library in Munich. Bárdur Oskarsson’s illustrations resemble cartoon illustrations and clearly convey moods and atmospheres in a tiny wink or a minute movement. In 2006 he received The Children and Youth Literature Award from The West Nordic Council and the Faroese Children’s Literature Award in 2007. His latest title Stríðið um tað góða grasið  (eng. The Battle for the Good Grass) was designated as a White Raven in 2013. In 2014 his book Flata kaninin (eng. The flat rabbit) was nominated for the Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Price 2014.

© Foto: Birgir Kruse

Bárdur Oskarsson is participant of the exhibition “Into the Wind!”



Cover: Das patte Kaninchen, Jacoby & Stuart, 2013