Nuka Konrad Godtfresden, Greenland

Nuka Konrad Godtfredsen, born 1970 in Narsaq, South Greenland, is a comic artist, graphic designer and illustrator. Since graduating from Aalborg University in 1995, Godtfredsen worked mainly as a freelance graphic designer before settling in 2007 at SILA, the Center of Research in Greenland maintained by the national museums of Copenhagen and Nuuk. His graphic novels Oqaluttuat (eng. Stories) disseminate Greenlandic prehistory and are created by Nuka in corporation with archeologists from the Danish National Museum and the Greenlandic publisher Ilinniusiorfik in Nuuk. The first graphic novel De første skridt (eng. The First Steps) was published in 2009, Ukaliatsiaq (eng. The Ermine) followed 2012 and finally Gaven (eng. The Gift) in 2015. Author of many literary projects is his partner Lisbeth Valgreen. Godtfredsen was nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2013 and the Nordic Council´s Children and Young People´s Literature Price 2013. With his family he lives in Copenhagen.

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Nuka Konrad Godtfredsen is participant of the exhibition Into the Wind!”

Workshops with Nuka Konrad Godtfredsen at 26.5./9.00 at Felleshus, 27.5./9.00 at Humboldt school and 29.5. at “Family day at Felleshus”.



Cover: Gaven, Ilinniusiorfik 2015
Nuka Konrad Godtfredsen: